Widex Moment

Meet the first hearing aid that doesn’t sound like a hearing aid.

By changing the paradigm of sound with a revolutionary platform, Widex Moment delivers the most pure, natural sound ever. Typically, sound processed in a hearing aid hits the eardrum later than direct sound, causing distorting artefacts and a metallic effect. But now users can hear like before. From the very first moment.

All Hearing Aids Will Be Compared to This One

95% of Users Perceive Puresound as 'Natural'

We asked real hearing aid users to wear Widex Moment in their everyday lives and tell us what they thought. The results were overwhelmingly positive! 95% agreed that the sound was ‘natural’ and ‘clear’ with own voice being perceived as ‘natural’ too.

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Direct Streaming for iOS and Android

Now users of both iOS and compatible Android devices can stream directly to their Moment hearing aids without the need for accessories. That means high-quality calls, video, and music wherever they are.


Dual AI for more Personalisation Power

Widex Moment, now delivers two unique Artificial Intelligence driven methods of sound personalisation. Both these powerful solutions can be found by users in the intuitive My Sound section of the app. As pioneers in bringing AI to the hearing industry, we’ve learned that for great sound, human and artificial intelligence must work together. The help we give is only possible thanks to the community of users that teach us how good hearing should sound.

A Truer Fitting For Any Ear-Tip, With TruAcoustics™

TruAcoustics™ – Widex new fitting model – is the result of hundreds of measurements of 58 real users’ ears. By harnessing the power and accuracy of TruAcoustics™, you can ensure that every user gets a personalised sound with the gain adjusted to their individual ear acoustics.

Easy To Plug In - Impossible To Miss Out

The chargers for Moment rechargeable hearing aids are compact, lightweight, and beautifully designed. They use wireless power transfer charging, which means no contacts to keep clean and no misalignment problems – just effortless, intuitive charging.

Users can choose the compact and easy-to-use Widex Standard Charger or upgrade to the 3-in-1 Charge n Clean.

Widex Fit
Widex Moment with Charger
Widex Remote Care™

Hearing Aid Fitting from Anywhere

Get real-time hearing assistance, simply by connecting with your hearing care professional through your smartphone. With WIDEX REMOTE CARE™ you get hearing support on the spot.

You can explain your hearing challenges from the comfort of your own home, or wherever it makes sense for you. Fit fine-tuning into your busy schedule and save time from going to the clinic.

Ear Fit
Control Widex Moment

Control in the Palm of Your Hand

With Widex Moment, you have the option to fully control your hearing aid using the Widex Moment app on your Apple or Android smartphone. It’s never been easier to fine-tune your hearing, so you get exactly the sound you prefer in exactly the moments that are important to you.

Our Best Protection Yet

Advanced water-resistant nano coating reduces the risk of moisture damage in all RIC models.

No battery door in the rechargeable RIC also means fewer gaps for moisture entry. The rechargeable’s more durable mic, new mic inlet design, connector o-ring and wireless charging are also crafted to improve moisture resistance.

Widex Moment App

We Offer Three Technology Levels – 440, 330, 220

Widex Technology Levels