Remote Care

Remote Care for Hearing Aids

Zoom Hearing services are provided for clients across Ontario using Remote Care over the telephone or using video conferencing.

Remote Care is the delivery of audiological services over the internet. Remote Care allows our audiologist to make adjustments to your hearing aids remotely, without requiring an office visit. Web-based technologies connect an app on your smartphone to a secure online patient portal on our specially equipped computer. During a virtual consultation, our audiologists are able to check in on your progress, provide counseling, and make real-time hearing aid adjustments.

If you live in a remote area, the cost and time savings provided by remote hearing aid care are obvious. The same is true for those who have limited mobility or who prefer to limit contacts due to COVID-19. Remote hearing care is very helpful for those who have just been fitted with new hearing aids making it possible to get all the adjustments you need without the hassle of repeated trips to the hearing clinic.

Remote care is normally provided through a smartphone app. The first step is downloading the app that works with your hearing aids from the Apple Store or Google Play. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds, and our Zoom Hearing audiologist will walk you through the process during your fitting appointment.

There really isn’t very much we can’t do when it comes to remote care except for the hearing evaluation.  That test requires in-person care to perform the full battery of tests needed to determine your level and type of hearing loss. To learn how to get a hearing test click here.