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Over 80% of the people in Canada who suffer from hearing loss go without the hearing aids that would help them enjoy healthier, more productive and enjoyable lives. In response, we made it our goal to make better hearing easier and more accessible to these people.

With this goal in mind, we built a management team that brings over 40 years experience in the hearing care industry. We set out to create a brand new hearing care model that delivers all the necessary components including:

  • a superior level of care
  • incredible convenience
  • high quality products
  • easy access
  • unbeatable value

The end result became Zoom Hearing.

At Zoom Hearing, we harness the power of the modern internet and Bluetooth technology to offer the convenience of shopping for hearing aids from the comfort of your own home, under care and guidance of a certified audiologist. We provide the latest hearing technology from all the major hearing aid manufacturers. Consultations are always free and maybe best of all, we offer the very best hearing aids selected and programmed to fit your unique needs for less than half the price offered at traditional hearing clinics.

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