Signia Silk X

The Industry's Best Technology Meets The World's Most Discreet Full-Feature Hearing Aids!

Signia’s revolutionary open fit Completely In the Canal hearing aids are small enough to fit in your ear canal and don’t require a mold of your hears. They pack a huge punch of features included in all of the brand new Signia X product line.

A practically invisible natural hearing experience. Simply fit and go.

The new Silk X delivers a natural hearing experience in its discreet size, instant fit, and exceptional sound quality.

The only ready-to-wear CIC with Ultra HD e2e for superior wireless binaural processing is also 20% smaller than previous models for ultimate discretion. Thanks to its flexible silicone Click Sleeves, Silk X offers a precise fit without waiting times.

And for wearers with unaidable hearing loss in one ear, CROS Silk X provides the most discreet solution – the world’s first CROS CIC hearing aid.

Signia Xperience Silk X
Signia Xperience logo

Key Features

  • Ultra HD e2e for superior speech understanding and a most natural sound
  • Click Sleeves for a quick and easy fit
  • Even smaller than its predecessor
  • Invisible and discreet
  • Binaural OneMic directionality
Signia Xperience Silk X App

Advanced Technology

Silk X is compatible with the touchControl App for discreet remote control and TeleCare ready for smoother trials.

We offer Signia Silk in Three Technology Levels

Feature Silk 7x Silk 5x Silk 3x
Warranty 2 years 2 years 2 years
Channels 48 32 24
Programs 6 6 6
Bands 20 16 12
EchoShield Yes No No
eWindScreen Binaural Yes Yes No
Extended Bandwidth Yes No No
Signia Silk Click Sleeves 2

Click Sleeves 2.0

Four different dome sizes to ensure a secure, comfortable fit in all sizes of ear canals, eliminating that annoying whistling sound. Designed for easy use and changing. Available in closed and vented versions.