Signia Active Pro

The Most Advanced In-The-Ear Hearing Aid to Date

Signia Active Pro

Bridging the gap between hearing aids and consumer electronics

Ready to wear, Signia Active Pro combines iconic user-friendly design similar to premium consumer earbuds with audiological high-tech. This includes Signia Xperience YourSound technology for enhanced speech understanding in noise, Bluetooth connectivity, portable Li-ion rechargeability, and the self-service convenience of the Signia Assistant.

Key Features​

• Bluetooth Streaming
• Recharge on-the-go
• AI Digital Assistant
• Instant Fit

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Signia Active Charger

Portable Charging Wherever You Need It

The pocket-sized Signia Active Charger lets wearers put the devices in and out of their ears when they need them for full flexibility and independence, with up to 26 hours of use per charge.

Finally, In-The-Ear AND Bluetooth

You no longer need to make any sacrifices

Wearers enjoy listening to phone calls, music, TV and more with state-of-the-art Bluetooth streaming. Bluetooth streaming is intended for iPhones, but can be used with any Bluetooth device (such as Android Phones, Laptops, or Smart devices) when using the Signia Streamline Mic Accessory.

Proven Remote Audiology

An In-The-Ear Hearing Aid where we can perform full-comprehensive adjustments and in-situ audiometry from anywhere in the world. This ability to conduct a hearing test through the hearing aids remotely allows us to ensure accurate fittings and account for patient feedback at a level never before seen.

Signia Remote

Three Colour Options To Match Your Style

Signia Active gold
White / Rose Gold
Signia Active black
Black / Silver

Signia Active Is Available In Two Technology Levels