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The Latest Hearing Aid Technology for up to 55% Less

At Zoom Hearing we offer the same name-brand hearing aids sold by audiologists in clinics across Canada including Signia and Widex products. We also provide unlimited follow-up care and support with a certified audiologist. Best of all, we do it all for up to 55% less than the national chains and office-based hearing clinics.

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Product Information and Pricing - Alberta

*Note: The following table is wide, you can scroll to the right on your device to see more of the data.

Brand Name Model Technology Style Image Price for Alberta Residents Savings per Pair Smartphone App Bluetooth Streaming Rechargeable
Signia Pure Charge&Go AX Premium, Advanced, Basic RIC (BTE) Pure Charge and Go Ax Premium Level 7
$1,995 - $2,295 $1,300 to $3,900 Yes Yes Yes
Signia Silk Premium, Advanced, Basic CIC Signia Silk Premium Level 7 $1,995 - $2,295 $1,100 to $3,600 Yes No No
Signia Active / Active Pro Premium, Basic Earbud Signia Active Pro Premium $1,895 - $2,265 $500 to $2,500 Yes Yes Yes
Widex Moment mRic R Premium, Advanced, Basic RIC (BTE) Widex Moment mRic R Premium 440 $1,995 - $2,295 $1,040 to $4,000 Yes Yes Yes
Phonak Audéo Paradise Premium, Advanced, Basic RIC (BTE) Phonak Audéo Paradise Call for Pricing Up to $4,000 Yes Yes Yes
Unitron Moxi B-R Premium, Advanced, Basic RIC (BTE) Unitron Moxi B-R Call for Pricing Up to $3,600 Yes Yes Yes

*Price reflects out of pocket expense per device. Price includes one hearing aid and professional fees. Prices are based upon all services being provided by remote care. Optional in-clinic appointments are available at a fee of $90 per appointment at our Greater Toronto Area locations.

How Can We Offer These Savings?

It is really very simple. By offering our products and services online and through remote care sessions, we eliminate significant costs including rent, construction, utilities, and administrative staff that are required to run office-based clinics. All these savings are passed on to our clients, allowing us to offer prices that are thousands of dollars less than you will be quoted at a typical hearing clinic.

How Much Can You Save?

The savings depend upon the exact model you decide to purchase. But to illustrate the typical savings enjoyed by our clients, here is how much some of our clients have saved compared to the prices quoted by a national chain.

What Hearing Aids Brands Do We Offer?

We feature Signia (formerly Siemens Hearing) and Widex brand hearing aids. These are two of the largest and most advanced hearing aid manufacturers in the world with hearing aids to fit virtually any hearing needs. We also offer almost every other brand of hearing aids. Call us for pricing and availability for hearing aids from Phonak, Starkey, GN Resound and more.